House Calls (initial consultations) are an opportunity to get to know each other while we share thoughts and ideas about your project so you can see what kinds of ideas I have and decide if I’m the right match for your project. It’s good to book this when all of the decision makers on the project can be present on a weekday or a weekend.  House Calls cost a flat rate of $250.00, no travel charge. Please allow 2 hours for this meeting.

For the next steps beyond the House Call, I offer fixed-fee or hourly services.

Many clients continue with a fixed-fee Feasibility Study which is invaluable and economical. Together, we figure out the scope of the project you have in mind, we set a preliminary budget with cost projections and we develop a preliminary diagram of the landscape or floor plan. Feasibility Studies make it very easy to move into project development with the big issues addressed up front.

I am also available to consult hourly.

Once I’ve had a chance to understand your project at the House Call, I can offer options that make the most sense for your project.

Please visit the Getting Started page for more information or give me a call: 206-579-3703