I love this work and I never stop learning.

I have been a designer of site plans, landscapes and floor plans for many years. I particularly like helping people with planning and design feasibility studies so they can understand their options up front before jumping all in.

I started with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from SUNY-Syracuse. My first two jobs were in architecture offices, so I branched out into the architecture side from the get-go. I love that I’m not constrained to working or thinking about only inside or only outside because they’re so inseparable.

I live in the Phinneywood neighborhood of Seattle in a home on a small 50s rambler footprint that I bought in 1986. It’s my laboratory in many ways. I’m very interested in┬áthe sustainable idea of flexible floor plans that can accommodate a variety of living configurations over life cycles so you can upsize or downsize in place. With that in mind, I redesigned the rambler into a three-story home which includes my office studio about fifteen years ago.

Things that make me happy include my work, reading, writing, playing music, politics, gardening, cooking, crabbing, camping and time with friends and family. I also enjoy volunteering and have directed my time to We Heart Seattle for the last few years. What a rewarding experience that is.

The “Best of Houzz” award has come my way 4 times in the category of Customer Service because I listen to my clients and help them successfully navigate through budgeting, project planning, design and permitting. I will enjoy working on your project wherever you are throughout the Greater Seattle area or beyond.