I have been a designer of both landscapes and floor plans for over 25 years. I started with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from SUNY-Syracuse and I’ve been working on “both sides of the door” for over 25 years. Before settling in Seattle after college, I lived in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Paris where I studied the usefulness of urban open space.

I love this work and I never stop learning.

In PhinneyWood, I have a home that I’ve rebuilt from a small 50s rambler footprint into a three-story home which also includes my office studio. I’m very interested in the sustainable idea of flexible floor plans that can accommodate a variety of living configurations over life cycles, including rental spaces.

Gardening, vinyl records, design, cooking and time with friends and family bring me great joy.

I’ve had many rewarding volunteer experiences in our Seattle community as well. From the King County Master Gardener program to skate park advocacy, to Brainworks at Provail (a club for survivors of traumatic brain injuries) and more.  Activism has also been an important part of my life.

My sons, Emilio and Esteban, also live in Seattle.

The “Best of Houzz” award has come my way 4 times – including this year – in the category of Customer Service because I listen to my clients and help them successfully navigate through project planning and design steps that meet their goals and budgets.

I will enjoy working on your project wherever you are throughout the Greater Seattle area.