Sergio Uvence, the owner of Rosita’s Restaurant in the Green Lake neighborhood, recently retained my consulting services for the planning, design and construction coordination of a new sidewalk cafe in front of his business at 7210 Woodlawn Ave NE.

My process brings a custom “handcrafted” response to the project needs of my clients.  Photographs, frequent site visits, hand-drawn sketches, study models, sufficient elapsed time to incubate ideas, and full scale props all serve as essential tools for getting results that look and feel just right.

The photo to the right illustrates the context we worked with which basically was the 4′ wide x 20′ long space delineated by the City of Seattle sidewalk cafe permitting process and the rules associated with it.

We studied several ways of configuring the tables and seating and landed on the concept of twin 8′ long counters each with 4 stools and a pair of umbrellas.

Successful projects can’t happen without great clients and talented builders.   Big props to my client, Sergio Uvence, Blackhawk Construction in Monroe who handled the sidewalk repair, Ace Mundy Ornamental Iron in Carnation who fabricated and installed the railing / counter bases, Ballard Sheet Metal who wrapped the galvanized steel onto the countertops, and Crispin Prahl from Selkirk Construction in PhinneyWood who handled the counter top installation and a variety of other final installation details.

Stop by while the weather is still good – bring your sunglasses.  My current favorites from their menu are the Pomtini (pomegranate vodka martini) and the Pollo al Carbon.