Aubrieta sp.  Rock Cress Just give it some sun and it will give you an evergreen groundcover that gets along well with others – meaning it can be used to underplant, yet it won’t choke out adjacent plants.  The prolific production of low to the ground blooms will stop you in awe.

Speaking of awe, the generally heard pronunciation of this genus is aw-BREEJ-ya.  I imagine the correct pronunciation is ow-bree-ET-ta, but I’ve never heard it.

That happens in April in Seattle.  Pair with tulips or other simultaneously spring blooming bulbs or mix it up with shrubs and perennials that bloom with or without it.    Mixing it in drifts with some other Rock Cress in other shades of purple and magenta is showstoppingly great.  Buy 4″ pots, make 2 to 4 plugs from that and scatter them around.  Perfect for visually joining beds that may be bisected by circulation surfaces and an ideal addition to plantlists shooting for a combination of low maintenance evergreen groundcover for sun with a significant spring seasonal color performance.  It’s not a woody plant, so avoid vast areas of it in lieu of more structural foundations.